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20% discount on all ABB AC Drives

GET 20% discount on all AC Drives from PSY Sales

ABB Drive Sales by PSY salesElectric motors play an important part in our everyday lives. They move and run almost all machines used in manufacturing so it is important to optimise the process and make it as efficient as possible. Using an ABB AC Drive between the electrical supply and the motor will ensure power to the motor is regulated and you only use the energy for the demand you need; ultimately saving you money.

PSY Sales is selling a full range of ABB AC Drives at less 20%

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  1. General Purpose Drives
    1. ACS310
    2. ACS550
    3. ACS580
  2. Micro Drives
    1. ACS55
    2. ACS150
    3. ACS310
    4. ACS355
  3. Machinery Drives
    1. ACS355 (Solar Pump)
    2. ACS850
    3. ACSM1-04 (Solar Pump & Motion Control)
  4. Industrial drives
    1. ACS880-01
    2. ACS880-07
    3. ACS880-17
    4. ACS880-37
  5. Industrial Specific Drives
    1. ACH550 – drives for HVAC
    2. ACS320 – pump and fan drive
    3. ACQ810 – drives for water

The benefits for using AC drives are reduced maintenance costs, reduced waste materials and increased efforts for your green initiatives through lowered noise and CO2 emissions.

Make a difference to your business and the environment using ABB AC Drives. Incorporating them into your business to:

  1. Save energy
  2. Reduce maintenance costs
  3. Reduce waste and scrap
  4. Lower noise output
  5. Lower CO2 emissions

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