ABB – Electrical System Integration (eSI)

Electrical System Integration (eSI) Solutions for power and automation integration

Industry depends on energy. Availability of scarce resources, the volatility of energy costs, growing environmental concerns and more stringent legislation are just a few of the factors driving a global push towards improved energy management

Reliable and efficient power monitoring and control are crucial to the success of energy-intensive industries such as semiconductor, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical and mining operations.

ABB Singapore is the Center of Excellence for eSI business globally, providing value-add solutions in Electrical Control Systems and Power Management System around the world.

Electrical equipment ranging from high to medium and low voltage requires real-time data acquisition on the status of various electrical equipment and plant electrical networks to operate efficiently and safely, and to facilitate maintenance.

electrical System Integration (eSI) is backed by ABB’s leading technology, global application knowledge and experienced support network, delivering cutting-edge solutions to various industries including Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Utility, Key Infrastructure, Renewables and Data Centers.

ABB answers our customers’ need for improved energy management with electrical System Integration (eSI).

This solution leverages and maximizes ABB’s portfolio of power systems for all voltage levels (low-, medium-, high-voltage), providing robust power monitoring and control:

  • Consolidated control and distribution of all information from all electrical equipment in a plant regardless of supplier.
  • Integration of electrical equipment from different suppliers with different design specifications and functionalities.
  • Control in the event of unstable power supply from grid or disruption of power supply in plant that may lead to blackouts and costly, unplanned shutdowns.

Integrating the process automation system with the power automation system permits a single strategy for engineering, operations and maintenance.

Whether generating power or consuming it, the economic benefits of electrical integration can run into millions of dollars gained in increased production or saved in reduced operating costs.

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