Cable Theft Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges in the fight against cable theft is the protection of cables that are not powered. One great example of this is a pump that is not powered, then the cable is often stolen, with expensive results.

The Cable Theft Monitor (CTM) module allows you to monitor live or dead cables and provides a contact output to signal when anything goes wrong. It can easily be connected to our GSM Commander product (or any other device) to notify you remotely of any event on the cable. It can monitor both 3phase and single-phase cable runs.

Product Highlights

  • Monitors 3phase and single-phase cables.
  • Contact Output to signal fault
  • Contact remains closed if fault is present
  • Operates from 12V

How does it work?

The CTM injects a special DC signal into the cable and verifies that it is reflected at the far end of the cable. If the signal is not reflected, the CTM will detect this and activate the output contacts. The contacts will remain closed for as long as the fault condition exists.


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