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PSY sells ABB PSR Softstarters

The compact range. The PSR softstarter range is a simple yet reliable starting solution that utilizes only the most basic of soft starting features: soft start and stop. It performs well in applications requiring many starts per hour and is perfect for installations where you need to save space.
The PSR softstarter is the most compact of all the softstarter ranges. A compact softstarter also allows for the design of compact starting equipment. A PSR together with a MMS (manual motor starter) makes up a far more compact starting solution than a Star-Delta starter, for instance.

By including a built-in by-pass the energy losses inside the softstarter are reduced. And with only three potentiometers, the setup of the PSR is easy and quick. The optimized ramping characteristics will ensure a very smooth start and stop for all applications.

Main benefits:

Small and compact starting solution
Can perform many starts per hour
Reduce energy loss at full speed with built-in bypass.

Main features:

Rated operational current: 3 to 105 A
Operational voltage: 208–600 V AC
Control supply voltage: 24 V AC/DC or 100–240 V AC.

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