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PSY sells PSTB Softstarter

The PST(B) Softstarter range is known as the advanced range. It is the second most advanced softstarter in ABB’s offering after the recently announced PSTX and combines application enhancing functionality with protections for both motor and load. Pre-warnings will even let you act on problems before you need to stop the motor, to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Main benefits:

Built-in motor protections keep your motor safe
Full-text LCD display in your own language makes installation and setup simple and quick
Supports most communication protocols with the accessory FieldBusPlug
Torque control improves control of pumps and prolongs equipment lifetime
Bigger sizes feature built-in bypass which reduces energy consumption during application full speed.

Main features:

Rated operational current: 30 to 1050 A (inside delta 1810 A)
Operational voltage: 208–690 V AC
Control supply voltage: 100–250 V, 50/60 Hz
In-line and inside-delta connection.

PSY supplies a full range of ABB softstarters. Contact for a quote.