Solar Solutions

PSY provides clients various solar power system design, integration and related product advice. In addition we manufacture the BongiB – a PV current monitoring solution:


BongiB combiner box by PSY

PSY Intl has developed the Bongi-BOSS (Box Of Solar String) which is undoubtedly the most convenient combiner box in South Africa. This locally designed and manufactured solar string combiner box system ensures strength of monitoring and simplicity of use – just as it’s name ‘Bongi’ suggests.

It effectively takes charge of your PV status monitoring: ensuring your assets are continuously tracked for optimal current collection, distribution and surge voltage protection.

The principle of operation 

Bongi-B consist of three principle modules: Boss-PSU, Boss-Head and the Boss-I/O.

  • Boss-PSU: There are two types, Main excitation and Self excitation.
  • Boss-Head: The central processing unit (CPU) monitors the individual Boss-I/O modules via an internal Boss-bus.
    In addition, the Boss-Head communicates the acquired photovoltaic information to the next level via Modbus RTU.
  • Boss-I/O: The Boss-I/O have individual address’s that allow the Boss-Head to identify up to four modules (32 strings). The modules intelligently scans eight individual string currents and presents them to the Boss-BU.

Just how simple is it?
Installation of the Bongi-B within the string box, is simply done by threading the string wires through the individual current monitoring module on the Boss-I/O modules. Once the wiring is done, plug the Boss-I/O modules together, then plug them to the Boss-Head.
Setup has never been so easy! The Boss-Head and the Boss-I/O module have addresses, these addresses are simply configured by removing header links within each module addressing header matrix.
Boss-HOST is computer notebook software that allows on site setup checking on a string box. The USB communication connection also powers up the Bongi-B system allowing off-line or night servicing.

BongiB brochure by PSY Intl


Its ease of installation & commissioning and smart monitoring provide the practical solution for your photo voltaic (PV) system. Contact for more information