Over-the-counter Sales

PSY SALES supplies and delivers products for large and small projects and wholesales over-the-counter sales.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and our sales team are skilled in identifying your needs and can provide you with the best possible solutions and technical support.

We sell the full range of ABB Low Voltage solutions and related product offering of ABB Medium Voltage drives, motors and generators.

Our offering includes products for the following applications:

Electrical Installation

  • Connection devices: Terminal blocks, SNK, SNA, Solution series
  • Light Switches: VDE and BS standards
  • Installation boxes: Flush-mounted, Hollow wall socket, Concrete
  • System pro E: main and sub-distribution, Consumer and automation enclosures
  • Arc Guard: Arc Guard TVOC-2
  • Cable distribution cabinets: Hot-dip galvanized enclosures
  • Current and voltage sensors: Current, voltage sensors and voltage detectors
  • Enclosed switches: Switch-disconnectors, switch fuses, safety and heavy duty switches
  • Circuit breakers: Air and moulded case circuit breakers
  • Connection devices: Terminal blocks SNK, SNA, Solution series
  • Current and voltage sensors: Current, voltage sensors and voltage detectors
  • Electronic relays and controls: Time, interface, logic, sensor, contact relays and current monitors
  • ABB-free@home®: Making home automation easier than ever
  • ABB i-bus KNX solutions: Smart home and intelligent building control
  • Light switches: VDE and BS standards
  • Building systems technologies: Visualization, display and signalling units