About PSY International

Providing industrial automation solutions for your growing business

Whatever your requirements, our skilled team will develop the right solution using quality workmanship in line with SANS standards.

PSY International are experts in industrial automation and process control for specialized applications in a diverse range of industries. We operate in and around South Africa and provide services internationally. The key to our success is 30 years experience, our professional manpower and commitment.

We implement sustainable strategies to develop and manage the entire integrated systems chain: delivering high-quality, affordable components and projects in a changing business, social, natural, and political environment, without compromising future

The combined strengths and resources of our businesses ensure we provide the best quality product and integrated solutions for our clients.

Key Focus Areas

  • Power Generation and Distribution
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Saving
  • Industrial Process Control Systems (IPC)
  • Intelligent High-Value Asset Management Solutions
  • Consulting Design and Scada Systems
  • Project Management
    Management Information Systems
  • Product Sales and Services
    • Electrical & Mechanical Drafting
    • Special Electronic Modules
    • Electrical Installations
    • Panel Manufacturing
  • Integrated Building
  • Management Systems (BMS)


Our clients in the electric power industry include SMEs (small medium enterprises) to large corporates in both the private and public sector and intermediaries. Some but not all are listed below:

  • Power Utilities
  • Water & Waste Utilities
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Agriculture
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Industrial Manufacture:
    • Iron & Steel
    • Food & Beverage
    • Milling
    • Sugar
    • Chemical
    • Paper & Pulp

Values & Mission

We commit ourselves to excellence in safety, health, and the environment.

We furthermore commit and confirm to all employees, contractors, visitors, stakeholders, and the public that we will conduct our business in a caring, responsible and professional manner.

The key to success is professional manpower and commitment.

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