At PSY International, we strive for sustainable growth and development for the economy, stakeholders and society while maintaining lower environmental impact and health safety incidents. We believe that this is possible through quality engineering solutions and strategic partnerships.

PSY International is proudly an authorized value provider of ABB and a solutions partner for Doble Engineering Africa.

Intelligent High Value Asset Management Solutions, your key to asset reliability and efficiency.

Channel partner for ABB

Partnering with ABB, one of the industry leading brands, was a natural decision as we have a shared passion for quality, technologically advanced products and continued consideration for the environment. We are also committed to providing our customers the best possible product and service offering and our staff ongoing professional development. Therefore, having a global giant like ABB supporting us and our customers is key to successful relationships.



We are specialists in ABB products and offer a wide range of system integration services:

  • Consultation
  • Project management
  • Project design
  • Hardware development
  • Software development
  • System and product training
Specialists in doble products and services
We provide:
  • Assessing high value electrical assets
  • Balance cost & risk against desired performance of assets
  • Helping to protect your assets, by real time assessment with the “ARMS” system
  • Preventing critical failures of key electrical assets, by yearly assessments
  • Identifying potential power reticulation problems within your plant
  • Determining the lifespan of your electrical assets
  • Online monitoring & planning of scheduled maintenance, or replacement of assets with asset ranking

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