PSY Systems

PSY SYSTEMS are passionate about partnering and building relationships with our clients to provide infinite solutions.
We have been helping clients improve operations and optimize control system performance for more than 30 years.

PSY SYSTEMS are experts in industrial automation and process control for specialized applications in a diverse range of industries. We operate in and around South Africa and provide services internationally. The key to our success is 30 years experience, our professional manpower and commitment.

We implement sustainable strategies to develop and manage the entire integrated systems chain: delivering high-quality, affordable components and projects in a changing business, social, natural, and political environment, without compromising future sustainability.

Each business in PSY SYSTEMS fulfills a specific role relating to engineering, technology advancement and sustainable solutions. The combined strengths and resources of our businesses ensure we provide the best quality product and integrated solutions for our clients.


PSY SALES supplies and delivers products for large and small projects and wholesales over-the-counter sales.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of products and our sales team are skilled in identifying customer needs and can provide them with the best possible solutions and technical support.

PSY GROUP cares about our environmental impact and are working with industries who share our commitment to lower environmental impact and provide sustainable energy savings.

Our expertise in intelligent building systems caters for automation applications in the modern home through to large buildings and factories.

PSY PROJECTS cares about creating efficient solutions. Whatever your panel requirements, our skilled team will develop the right solution using quality workmanship inline with SANS standards.

We can provide a single stage of your project from system design through to equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning.

We have expert knowledge in Visualization with SCADA, PLC’s and Motor Drives using VSD’s and Soft Starters to perform the control system functionality.

Have a project in mind?

PSY Projects cares about creating efficient project solutions.