Machine Safety Systems

PSY PROJECTS provides peace-of-mind safety solutions for high production environments. Our professional team designs and ensures the safety systems work in practice; are up to code and are consistently reliable.
PSY PROJECTS believes productivity and safety go hand in hand.

Machine Fencing System

Flexible and stable fencing system which is easy to install.

Safety Relays

A universal safety relay is a safety relay with various input options for various safety devices and risk levels. Our electronic safety relays are design to meet existing safety standards, to supervise safety devices and for safe stop and reliable restarts. A fault in the control circuit logic, or failure of or damage to the control circuit must not lead to dangerous situations.

Safety Control devices

This is for the machine operator to be able to directly start and stop dangerous machine movement. Three-position device, hold –to-run devices and enabling devices are used during trouble-shooting, programming and test running when no other safety components are possible or suitable. Two-hand control device is used when it must guarantee that the operator’s hands will be kept outside the risk area. Foot operated switches is used when the operator has to hold the material during processing.

Light curtains/Light beams & Scanners

This is a production friendly electronic safety components that do not physically impact on the actions of the machine operator. Light barrier protection is also a good safety component for use when goods are to be passed in and out of a risk area.

El Contact rails/Bumpers/Safety mats

This is safety devices for portentously dangerous machines and deliver protection against squeezing accidents on moving machine parts and automatic doors.


Reliable from both the safety and production point of view. A person must be able to trust that dangerous movements and functions are safety stopped by the sensors/switches. Our sensors/switches is design to supervise doors and hatches around dangerous machines and to manage the safety in harsh environments. From the production point of view unintentional stops should be avoided.

Emergency stop devices

So that anyone shall be able to stop a machine during a machine break-down or if someone is in danger.

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