Building Control System

Smart iHome and Intelligent Building Control System
Explore the various intelligent building solutions PSY International have experience in:

Lighting Control Systems

Multi – sensor – programmable wireless control of lights, plugs and dimmers.

Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning

HVAC deals with time dependent and occupancy dependent temperature control. The selection possibilities of the individual control functions and their combination possibilities are very comprehensive.

Small to Large Visualization Systems

Users can access typical functions of advanced home and building automation (such as lighting systems, heatings and blinds) via wall-mounted controls and mobile devices. Audio and video controls are also integrated.

Audio and Video Multimedia Systems

KNX gives you the automated control of services around the home or within your business to save on energy and to monitor its use, Specific modules are used to control specific aspects of your environment, from TV to security to door entry to comfort lighting to central heating to the hot tub, it’s all at your finger tips. Centralized control.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems

Another aspect of the home automation process will often involve us integrating security measures into our property. Night Vision CCTV technology using LEDs is now widely available, as are interfaces that allow you to monitor cameras over the internet on the iPhone or Android based smart phones.

Room Automation System

Room automation is a subset of building automation and with a similar purpose, it is the consolidation of one or more systems under centralized control, though in this case in one room. The most common example of room automation is corporate boardroom, presentation suites, and lecture halls, where the operation of the large number of devices that define the room function (such as videoconferencing equipment, video projectors, lighting control bsystems, public address systems etc.) would make manual operation of the room very complex. It is common for room automation systems to employ a touchscreen as the primary way of controlling each operation.

Parking Systems

Wireless Signal Space Indicator and Vehicle Counting System is green control system for parking traffic control, fast orientation at the parking as input and petrol saving as output. Our parking system can be connected with BMS and shall not involve extra electricity consumption.

Typical concept of a hospital intelligence system

Emergency Lighting

Energy Management

PSY INTERNATIONAL cares about our environmental impact and are working with the public and industries who share our commitment to lower environmental impact and provide sustainable energy savings.

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