PSY Projects

PSY PROJECTS offers a comprehensive range of project types. We can provide a single stage of your project or manage the project from system design through to equipment supply, equipment installation and commissioning.

We have expert knowledge in Visualization with SCADA, PLC’s and Motor Drives using VSD’s and Soft Starters to perform the control system functionality.

Our expertise lies in the following areas:

ABSOLUTE-HTF: Glass Toughening Machine software control systems

Over twenty years experience in Glass Toughening Machine software control systems for Horizontal Toughening Furnaces (HTF).

If your current HTF operating system is no longer supported by the OEM manufacturer and many control parts are obsolete. Our proposal is to replace your current operating system with the latest windows based ABSOLUTE-HTF controls and offer your engineers machine support and operators training.

Our scope of work includes removal of existing software controls, installing, testing, commissioning and operator training of new ABSOLUTE-HTF software controls,

From over twenty years of toughing control system experience, the ABSOLUTE-HTF control software offers an efficient and effective through-put and glass quality with reduced electrical consumption.

Intelligent High-Value Asset Management

In today’s power transmission and distribution systems, the need for up-time is crucial. It is also essential to know the conditions of power reticulation assets.

PSY PROJECTS provides the following services:

  • sales of diagnostic test instruments for transformers, protection relays and breakers (medium and high voltage)
  • partial discharge testing for cables, transformers & rotating machines (motors)
  • partial discharge testing for substation radio frequency interference
  • expert consultation on asset test interpretation
  • on-site training on equipment usage & test interpretation

Our product sales include:

  • High voltage offline apparatus condition assessment
  • Protection testing
  • Enterprise assets management
  • On-line monitoring
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Partial discharge online surveying and testing

Industrial Process Control Systems

In today’s manufacturing environment the control system requires the following:

  • Visualisation SCADA’s
  • Controller PLC’s
  • Soft Starters
  • AC Motor Drive controllers (VSD’s)
  • DC Motor Drive controllers (VSD’s)

We cater for all projects using any one or all of these disciplines.

Our scope of offer is:

  • system design
  • equipment supply
  • equipment installation and
  • commissioning

Infinite Applications

  • Fan/Pumps systems
  • Conveyors systems
  • Coilers/Winder systems
  • Mixers/Crushers systems
  • Cranes/Hoists systems
  • Oven Furnaces systems
  • Solid State and Main Frequency Induction Heating systems
  • Gas/Oil Fired Furnace systems

Electrical Panel Manufacturing

Distribution boards (DB)

  • Single or Twin Feeders
  • Automatic Bus Coupling
  • Form 2a → 4b
  • IP 55 → 64
  • 36 → 105kA

Motor Control Centres (MCC)

  • Single or Three Phase
  • Free Standing or Wall Mount

Electronic Motor Control Systems complete with ISO ESTOP System

Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

  • ABB ACS 300 / 500 / 600 / 800 Series
  • ABB DCS 600 / 800 Series

Softstarters (S/S)

  • PSR – Compact Range – 1.5kw → 55kw
  • PSE – Efficient Range – 7.5kw → 200kw
  • PSTX – The Advanced Range


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